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Accident Attorney Guide

Getting Paid After an Auto Accident

When people meet with their auto accident attorney about their case, the first thing most of them want to know is when they will be getting paid. That is understandable of course since most auto accident victims are in serious financial trouble due to their accident. This article will discuss a little about getting paid following a car accident.


The first thing you need to know about getting paid after an accident is that you might not. You can only get compensated if you win your case and there is no guarantee that you will win. This is true regardless of how strong your case may be. Anything can happen if your case goes to trial. It is not uncommon for juries or judges to come back with verdicts that most people consider shocking. And any auto accident attorney from this linkworth their salt will tell you this. Be wary of any lawyer who says that they will when your case for you.


The good news is that if you can get an auto accident attorney from this siteto take your case, chances are you have a very strong case. Auto accident attorneys work on contingency and this forces them to only take on cases that they are sure they can win. And chances are if you have a strong case, your case will be settled out of court. The vast majority of auto accident cases are settled before going to trial.


If your case gets settled that is great. Settlements are what everyone involved hopes for. Well, except for the defendant. They probably wish they were never being sued in the first place. If you do get a settlement you can usually expect payment within a year. The lawyer's contingency fee will be deducted from your settlement.


If the case goes to trial, it is really hard to predict when you will receive payment (assuming that you win your case of course). Once a case enters the trial period, it can last a couple of years when you add in extension and continuances. And even after the case is over and you win, the defendant still has the right to appeal which can drag things on even longer. To learn more about personal injury lawyers, visit


Going to trial is something you don't want to do. Not only because it prolongs things but because you will owe your lawyer more in contingency fees. And don't think you can skip out on paying them either. The lawyer is the one who gets the compensation check (whether you win a settlement or judgment) and then pays you.